Photo shows exhibits for Invision and for Safe Toddles with people talking with the vendors.  In front of them are large round tables with balloons, and people sitting and chatting. Photo shows a man and woman walking along a downtown sidewalk.  He is holding instructions for the Blindfold Walk, she is wearing a blindfold and using a cane, carrying a large card saying 'please help me to cross street, tap me if you can help.  I am deaf and blind.' Photo shows an auditorium with tiered seating, and about 30 people are standing behind their seats smiling, many of them waving at the camera. Picture shows people sitting in a circle on a 4-wheeled bicycle, each person has their feet on bicycle pedals.  Beside them are a man and a woman, each holding a cane with a red disk at the bottom, about 10 inches across. Picture shows people on a large stage with a podium and table, the slide behind them shows fireworks and says 'SOMA 50 years!'

Southeastern Orientation and Mobility Association
SOMA 2020 O&M Conference
Saturday-Tuesday, December 12-15, 2020
Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore

2225 N Lois Ave, Tampa, Florida, 33607