Photo shows exhibits for Invision and for Safe Toddles with people talking with the vendors.  In front of them are large round tables with balloons, and people sitting and chatting. Photo shows a man and woman walking along a downtown sidewalk.  He is holding instructions for the Blindfold Walk, she is wearing a blindfold and using a cane, carrying a large card saying 'please help me to cross street, tap me if you can help.  I am deaf and blind.' Picture shows participants in a large auditorium laughing while they stand and sway with their arms raised. Imani is presenting and speaking with enhusiasm, gesturing with her hands reaching out and folded together. Photo shows 4 screens, with pictures of Christine, Mike and Kinyatti in three of them.  Beside their screens is a layout of the lounge tables, showing 3 people at Table 1 and Christine's name. picture shows two people pressed against a wall, one with a blindfold holding the arm of the other and laughing. picture shows two women st sn intersection, one of them is sqatting with her hands on a black and white striped detectable tile.
logo says 'SOMA Conference 2022' with the 'O' being a compass and the 'A' being a sillouette of a girl in ponytail using a white cane,

Southeastern Orientation and Mobility Association (SOMA)

SOMA O&M Conference December 10-13, 2022
Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore

2225 N Lois Ave, Tampa, Florida, 33607